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Five things matter to me in life... Those things are, food, tumblr, books, Spiderman, and Larry Stylinson... I have no life.... I'm just a lost cause, I'm also a girl who is pansexual...

I like black cats yo!

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    My mind just exploded while watching this video. Why? The guy asks the boys what food they would be if they could be a food. For whatever reason starting around 1:04, Louis says that he would be some kind of shampoo that smells really good “BUT WHEN YOU ACTUALLY TASTE IT, IT’S NOT THAT NICE.” And then Harry says, “The mint stuff.” Then Harry says that the mint stuff makes your “bits” tingle when you get out of the shower.

    Now, I don’t know about you guys, but even when a shampoo smells nice, I don’t tend to dip my finger in it to taste it, because chances are it won’t taste good. I am also pretty sure that Louis is a sane human being who doesn’t go around tasting shampoo. So, how in the world did Louis know what that shampoo tasted like, and how did Harry know that the shampoo makes your “bits” tingle? Are you following me?

    Harry had mint shampoo on his “bits” and Louis tasted it!!! Or at least this is what my dirty mind got out of the conversation. Mind=Blown.

    You have to continue listening for Harry’s comments because he slowly rambles on while they have started to talk about others things. LOL 

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  • Anonymous asked : do you know any good gender swap fanfics?...


    I never really liked these kind of fics but I’m currently reading one, and it’s amazing !

    A High School AU where Harry flirts with girls and Louis flirts with danger. Louis jumps off cliffs and drives like car crashes don’t apply to her because she likes the rush. Harry tells stories and tries to keep her safe. (ghosts, glow in the dark stars, and numb hands)

    Orange is the New Black AU. Louis fucks a lot of people, Harry eats a lot of ass, Niall will smuggle a dildo to whomever gets more play, and Zayn thinks Harry and Louis should just make out already.

    This is it. This is the highlight of Louis’ life. She hooks her chin on Harry’s shoulder, and then says ecstatically, “Driver? Roll up the partition please.”

    Or, Harry and Louis are celebrity girlfriends who fuck in limos.

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  • Anonymous asked : omg can you recommend me some fanfics where louis is an adorable 18 years old and harry is older than him and like, harry is punk and stuff


    I love these type of fics:

    Louis may or may not fall in love with his arch enemy’s (aka his own brother) best friend, who just so happens to be in college.

    Harry is the hot 19 year old brother of Liam, Louis best friend. Louis isn’t a baby, he’s 16. But that doesn’t stop Harry from picking on him.

    A sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

    Louis has had a strict Christian upbringing that he never realized he resented until he meets Harry Styles, a boy who lives to rebel and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. But the better he gets to know Harry, the more he begins to realize that maybe Harry does care. And maybe “the children who God forgot” are closer to God than the devout will ever be.

    He heard Harry hum then he felt his hands on his waist, his thumbs digging into his skin. The grip he had on his waist was so unbelievebly strong, and Louis couldn’t wriggle out of his grasp. But maybe he didn’t want to get away.

    Maybe he wanted this.

    Or where Louis is a nerdy twink and gets fucked by a punk named Harry in the bathroom of a club

    I read more punk!Louis than punk!Harry but I hope you enjoy these :)

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  • Anonymous asked : if H & L still had twitter conversations today, what kind of things do you imagine they would say?
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  • QTOD:
    Okay guys is it just me or when Eleanor and Louis are together, do you just feel…nauseous? Cause yesterday El was at his moms wedding and she was standing next to Louis an I just wanted to throw up cause of how close they were.

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  • Louis Tomlinson
    Louis denying being engaged to Eleanor
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    Louis Denying being engaged to Eleanor

    this is the soundtrack to my life

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  • Okay so I’m physically.lazy and the last comment, I got a little over excited!

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  • I have an amazing obsession over black cats! It’s kind of unhealthy but hey you like what you like and obsess over what you obsess! Oh i will post more Larry stuff just so you know! So don’t worry!

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  • The Neighbourhood is my life!

  • The Neighbourhood is my life!

  • Hey guys ask me a question if you want at I take questions from anonymous people!

  • Now kiss me, you fool.

    How much do you wanna bet that on the third on down on the right side that they actually did kiss?

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    remember when











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